Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Evil done in the church's name

NOTE: updated below

From this morning's NY Times:
MEXICO CITY — An ill Salvadoran woman who had asked the courts for — and been denied — an abortion during a high-risk pregnancy delivered her 27-week-old fetus by Caesarean section on Monday...

The A.P. reported that Beatriz, who has asked that her last name be withheld to protect her identity, was recovering in the hospital and that her baby daughter was born without a brain. 
Because the country is Roman Catholic, the mother almost died for the sake of a baby that couldn't possibly have a life of its own.

This is Roman Catholicism in a nutshell: the life of a woman is not as important as a baby without a brain. You don't need any further instruction in the Catholic religion.

UPDATE: The baby died five hours later. They risked a woman's life to "save" this mindless creature. Catholics have such a tight handle on morality. One wonders how they do it.