Sunday, June 9, 2013

Alleged nonsense, allegedly

What is it with newspapers? They can't state a straight fact -- ever. It's always half this and half that.

There's a headline at NY1, New York City's cable news channel, that says: "Funeral to be held for Manhattan girl killed by allegedly reckless driver".

Allegedly? The driver was a 17-year-old boy without a license who, while trying to elude the police, drove onto the sidewalk and crushed a four-year-old girl against a wall and killed her. Allegedly reckless? Why is that word used? Of course he was reckless!

Last night I was watching the local news and heard the announcer say "There are many questions tonight about whether a 911 call was answered promptly". This referred to the same story as above. Someone called 911 and the fire commissioner immediately confirmed that the dispatcher didn't look at her screen, and went on break without notifying anyone. And now there are "questions" about whether the call was handled "promptly"? The little girl lay there dying while the dispatcher went on a break. Only when another dispatcher happened to notice the screen, was an ambulance sent to the scene.

Should that scenario result in a news story stating there are "many questions" about whether the call was handled promptly? Why can't these people just report the news without trying to make everyone sound like they're in the right?

American media is a wasteland. I can't think of anything positive to say about it. And it's the primary reason our country is going down the drain. The fourth estate failed us.