Monday, June 3, 2013

As tornadoes rock the US, Germany is drowning

Climate change is happening everywhere, not just in the U.S. This season, Germany is learning that it is not immune. After the "darkest winter in decades", the rain arrived.
April showers have only been followed by more showers in May, when 178 percent more rain fell than the year before, according to estimates of Germany's National Meteorological Service (DWD). What's worse, the DWD says that -- except for in a lucky few parts of northwestern Germany -- Mother Nature has no plans to turn off the spigots anytime soon.


Similar flooding has been seen in many other German locations, where waters are filling basements, trapping inhabitants, closing small and major roads, and felling trees. "The weakened earth can no longer hold tree roots," said one police spokesman, adding that the rains have caused several landslides that blocked streets.

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In fact, the DWD says that, from Germany's northern coastlines to the Alps, the earth is wetter than it has been in 50 years. This broad swath of muddy soil is causing major problems for the agricultural industry, the DWD reports, making it impossible to drive on 40 percent of fields, use machinery or spray against pests, diseases, molds or weeds.

Vegetable growers are getting the worst of it. In some fields of Lower Saxony, the water almost completely hides the raised rows of dirt in which the country's beloved asparagus is grown. The waters could also severely damage the upcoming harvest of early potatoes. "Even if they haven't already rotted in the ground, now you can't harvest them," said a DWD spokesman.
Imagine what's that like for these farmers. They're experiencing the opposite of what farmers in the dryest sections of the United States are seeing. And yet the world still can't unite to do something about climate change. When governments finally wake up, it will be far too late. Meanwhile, with every day that passes, the weather will become more extreme.

But no worries. Just go shopping and forget all about it! Sorry for interrupting your beautiful day.