Monday, June 10, 2013

The United States has lost its bearings

I think the reason why I put up two silly posts today (see below) is that I'm depressed. Seeing yet another hero attacked for divulging information about the United States' unconstitutional activities is depressing.

First Bradley Manning and now Edward Snowden. They're heroes. And if the US survives the next two decades in a form that can still be called a democracy, there will be high schools named after them.

The government's vicious pursuit of whistleblowers is so backward, I don't know what to say. The only people who give us accurate information about what our government is doing are persecuted. There's no other word for their treatment.

And at the same time, we read news like this:
The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from two American whistleblowers who claim U.S. forces tortured them in Iraq and who want to sue former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.
Nobama (that's how I think of him, since there's no Obama there -- or at least no person resembling the individual he portrayed himself to be) refuses to go after those who commit the most heinous crimes -- people like Bush and Cheney. But he'll attack with vengeance anyone who steps on his secretive toes. I'm sickened by the state of our country.