Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Still no cicadas

Every day I listen for cicadas but hear only silence. They're waiting. And what are they waiting for? Outdoor graduation parties, of course!

My nephew just graduated from high school and we're having a garden party for him in less than two weeks. That's what the cicadas are waiting for. They love graduation parties. Just think what fun it will be when they fly into women's hair, and whatnot. And forget music. We'll just have that constant cicada drone in the background. Festive!

It think they're moving north slowly because of the temperature differences in the ground. Three weeks ago, they showed up in New Jersey. And my nephew just got a warning from a fellow graduate in Newburgh, saying "be ready for the cicadas" at this weekend's party. So they're out in that city, which is about 30 miles south of us.

Yup, they're waiting for my nephew's party. Sweet.